July 20, 2024

10 reasons why Texas is CFB’s most hated program

Texas Longhorns Football

Photo courtesy of the Alamo Bowl

The Longhorns are one of the true blue bloods of College football.

Ranking No. 4 in all-time wins, four National Titles and two Heisman Trophy winners solidifies that statement. Texas is also one of the most powerful and influential programs in the sport. However, the Longhorns have flexed their muscles over the past two decades and rubbed several other programs the wrong way.

And now that the infamous move to the SEC is inevitable after the 2025 season. With so much jealousy and envy from other schools, Notre Dame and Ohio State have no choice but to move aside and let Texas finally claim the rights as the game’s most hated program.

10. The lyrics to the Eyes of Texas: Although the song is one of the school’s most treasured traditions, several African American Longhorn student athletes believes it contains racist undertones. In 2020 the Texas Band reportedly refused to play the song, it divided the fan base and forced Tom Herman to take sides. Students refused to sing the song or stand when it was performed. However, once the smoke cleared, the program still kept the controversial anthem.

9. The commitment to Oklahoma: The two programs are inseparable and have outlasted the other big rivalries. Oklahoma chose Texas over Nebraska when the Big 12 formed and the longtime rivals stopped playing annually. The Lonestar Showdown had more history than the Red River Rivalry, but when Texas A&M bolted for the SEC Texas didn’t budge. Most of the Sooners roster is full of Texas natives, so it’s no surprise the two programs are leaving the Big 12 together.

8. How the program fired Tom Herman: He was a decent coach and a solid recruiter. However, he was fired at an odd time after a bowl win. Herman did better than his predecessor Charlie Strong by never sufferring a losing season. Not to mention he also led the Longhorns to four-straight bowl wins, including a New Year’s Six over Georgia. Herman’s downfall was when he sided with his players on political views and that ticked off boosters and donors.

7. The start of the Longhorn Network: When this channel launched it flexed the financial muscles of the athletic department and showed other Big 12 foes who’s the big boss of the league. This was a huge footprint for recruiting with the Longhorns and had at least one game a year on the network. Other opponents across the league couldn’t stop it. That’s food for thought, because the program had its’ own network before the conference did.

6. Penalizing opponents for Horns Down: This season the NCAA is cracking down on taunting and disrespectful gestures. For decades Texas opponents have done Horns Down after making a big play. How contradictory is that though, considering the Longhorn players can throw up Hook Em Horns after scoring touchdowns, but their opponents can’t do the opposite celebration. That’s just another reminder of Texas’ influence on the game.

5. Forcing Mack Brown to resign: He had a great run in the 2000’s and led the program to 121 victories, including two Big 12 Titles and a National Championship. Brown also coached a Heisman Trophy winner in Ricky Williams and made Colt McCoy the most winningest Power Five quarterback in the history of College football. He even led Texas to a National Title game appearance in 2009. Those accomplishments didn’t matter though and he was let go after 2013.

4. The formation of the Big 12: The Big 8 was the No. 1 power in College football in the early 90’s. Nebraska, Colorado and Kansas State were all perennial top-15 teams during that span. However, the upper powers thought it would be a good idea to add some Southwest Conference programs to the roster and created the Big 12. When it formed in 1996, a championship game was included, but rivalries changed, including Nebraska-Oklahoma, which quit playing annually.

3. The fallout with Texas A&M: After both programs moved to the Big 12, the Lonestar Showdown took a backseat to the Red River Rivalry. It became evident to Texas A&M that Texas was strongly committed to Oklahoma and would do anything to keep the rivalry series intact. Being in the same conference with the Sooners hurt the Aggies’ recruiting big time. Texas A&M was basically playing third fiddle in the state, so the move to the SEC was a no-brainer financially.

2. The move out of the Big 12: it’s official now that Oklahoma and Texas will be leaving the Big 12 after the 2025 season, with intentions to join the almighty SEC. The timing of this groundbreaking move took the College football world by surprise and will start the inevitable. Trust and believe mega conferences are about to start forming and the Playoff expansion will make more sense. Unfortunately the smaller Big 12 teams are forced to look elsewhere now.

1. The 2009 Big 12 Championship Game: It was arguably the most controversial victory in the history of the sport. Ndamukong Suh and the Blackshirts shut down Colt McCoy and the Longhorns all game until time expired. Well that was until the officials put a second back on the clock and Texas was able to kick the game-winning field goal. Unfortunately this was the start of the animosity between the two schools the breakup of the Big 12. It was a domino effect afterwards and some Husker fans even thought it was a conspiracy by the conference.