May 25, 2024

KT Leveston confident offensive line will make strides this spring

Kansas State Wildcats Football

Kansas State offensive lineman KT Leveston (70) blocks a Texas defender during the second quarter Saturday November 5, 2022 at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. (Lynn Harrington/stayaliveinpower5)

MANHATTAN, Kan. — Kansas State’s veteran offensive tackle is embarking on his sixth spring with the program, and believes the big boys up front will again be a team strength.

After all, the offensive line mauled defenders throughout the 2022 season, and they paved the way for the Wildcats to lead the Big 12 in rushing offense. KT Leveston was a big part of the success, considering he started all 14 games for the reigning Big 12 Champs.

With the unit returning intact for spring ball, including All-American guard Cooper Beebe, Leveston is anticipating a lot of chemistry between his teammates. In Leveston’s mind, that’s where the success starts, plus he’s planning on sharpening his skills during the process.

“Getting a chance to run it back with five up front, and getting another opportunity to add a Big 12 shot is a lot of motivation,” Leveston said. “It would also help me improve my craft, and I could bring more value to this team.”

The former three-star prospect has been a Wildcat since 2018, and he’s ready to build on his legacy with the program. With 19 starts under his belt, Leveston feels he has the experience, leadership and production to be the enforcer up front. And there’s no denying his confidence is through the roof now.

“It grew a lot, obviously being out there on the field really helps you grow,” he said. “When you’re playing well and getting better throughout the season, it just builds that confidence all the way up.”

It’s not easy being an offensive tackle in the Big 12, because the league is full of elite pass rushers. However, Leveston feels all of those one-on-one matchups has made him a better overall player. He’s already an immovable mountain, standing six-foot-five, and weighing 330 pounds. Levston is strong as a bull, and consistently has great hand placement when it comes to blocking on the perimeter.

Having the responsibility of protecting the quarterback’s blind side means Leveston can bend the hips, with a low center of gravity. The Texas native wants the unit to improve from being the third-best in the conference in sacks allowed per game last year. Leveston is also focusing on the group committing fewer penalties, such as holding and false starts.

Regardless, everyone knows what to expect over the next few weeks. After the way Kansas State’s offensive line navigated through the Big 12 gauntlet last year, Leveston feels the unit is ready for anything.

“Just getting that grasp, from starting out fall camp, to communicating with each through the season, we’re pretty much all on the same page,” the 23-year old said. “We can be thinking the exact same thing, and it’s awesome.”

In Leveston’s eyes, the big boys up front are more like a brotherhood, than just teammates competing on the field. Having that special bond with a tight-knit group is going to go a long way with communication on the gridiron.

Basically the Wildcats’ offensive line can pick up where they left off. Which is why Leveston is proud to be anchoring the edge again, and he’s not expecting much changes within the unit for spring ball.

“It’s all about fine-tuning, and just picking up on the little mistakes that we made.”